One Line Pitch

Wind of Epiphany Media is a new breed of digital media company that will employ a “Story and Song” transmedia product strategy to become the market leader in cross-platform entertainment development with Song of Shambhala as our flagship project.

The WEM mission is to launch proprietary personal growth franchises in a lower risk digital marketplace with a “Story and Song” transmedia product strategy offering digital media via beacon and social media discovery and immersive entertainment apps with deep web-based information sources underlying each “product,” tethered to an online affinity channel designed to establish brand equity that can be harvested across multiple platforms and formats.

Business Model

Revenue will primarily derive from sales of digital content, product placement and content brand affiliation partnerships.  Additional revenue (with successful growth of fan base) will come from licensing, tour ticket sales, merchandise, website advertising, creative & “meaningful marketing” services. Content development partnerships as the “digital farm team” to major content providers would be the ultimate payoff to our leveraging our entertainment brands.